Why Choose Cannafyl™ CBD

Like a craft brewer that inspects each batch of hops and barley for each batch of brew to ensure quality standards, consistency and customer satisfaction, Cannafyl™ maintains a rigid component and final product testing regimen throughout the CBD manufacturing process to ensure 100% ingredient transparency and consistent delivery of the highest quality CBD products to our customers. Cannafyl™ is a manufacturer of CBD-infused products for human and pet consumption. Current products include tinctures, topical lotions and salves, vape cartridges and pet food additives. Our proprietary, independently-tested, certified CBD products can help alleviate pain, and reduce anxiety. Cannafyl™’s full-spectrum extraction method and customer-focused approach to quality certified CBD make Cannafyl™ the choice of medical professionals and consumers looking to avoid the toxic culture of Big Pharma. Cannafyl™ is a FULL SPECTRUM CBD. Full spectrum CBD means that the whole plant is used during the creation process. Unlike an isolate, all of the plant material is cooked out except the for the CBD.