Our Team

Edward Chaney, Cannafyl™

Ed Chaney

Mr. Chaney is a serial entrepreneur with over a dozen successful startups under his command. He has a passion for leadership and the thick skin needed to weather the growth cycles inherent in business development—qualities he acquired over the past 30 years. His affinity for positive company culture, team building and leadership play a key role in his successful business-building endeavors.

Mr. Chaney studied Business at Arizona State University, Executive Leadership at MIT and spent over twenty years as an active member of Arizona’s elite Entrepreneur Organization (EO).

With his aspirations to lead and grow a global powerhouse, Mr. Chaney stays focused on his belief that it’s the team that matters most. “Un-stoppable” is his motto and “Purpose” is his driver.

Mr. Chaney spent his youth in Maryland as the son of a farmer, served six years in the U.S. Navy, and currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife, Kim, and their three children.

Ryan, Reck, Cannafyl™

Ryan Reck

Production Director
As our lead CBD mixologist for Cannafyl™ , he is in charge of inventory, lab procedure, keeping batches consistent, final testing, and innovation within the marketplace in order to provide the highest quality products. When he isn’t in the lab, he is researching the latest technologies in Cannabinoid synthesis to ensure that Cannafyl™ is on the cutting edge of quality and potency.
Ryan holds certifications in GMP, Mechanical Design Engineering and is credited for the innovations that have elevated Cannafyl™ to the #1 choices for customers of CBD products.

Christopher Conlan

Digital Executive Officer (DEO
Mr. Conlan is a 30 year sales and marketing veteran with a background in successfully bringing disruptive products to market. For 12 years Christopher owned and operated Habooble Communications, a boutique digital agency specializing in generating maximum ROI for clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Prior to that he was a Founder and Vice President of Marketing for VoiceAmerica.com a leading internet broadcasting platform and software developer.
Mr. Conlan is known as the Picasso of ideas and has the talent to bring them to life. With strong work ethics and superior communications skills, he elevates the “verticals” with amazing results.
Kimberly Rodrieguez, Cannafyl™

Kimberly Rodriguez

Sales Specialist
Kimberly brings a high level of analyses skills to the sales design/process, as a legal assistant for a high-profile criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, Arizona for 25 years. After watching her employer be diagnosed with Stage 4 Throat Cancer, go through Chemotherapy along with an extensive radiation program and then eventually his passing, she felt it was time for a more fulfilling career. Kimberly is at the forefront of the industries knowledge and leads the education directive with the Cannafyl™ Team. Kimberly consistently exceeds the sales goals set and is credited with a 250% increase over last year’s sales.

Cecilia Losinger

Customer Service Specialist
Cecelia is a Customer Service & Sales Associate for Cannafyl™, as well as Director of Social Media for V’Cloud CBD & Vape. With over 6 years of face-to-face customer service experience, Cecelia has dedicated her passions in life to helping others, including the customers in need of education & high quality products to aid in medical treatments or quit their habit of smoking nicotine. Currently studying Psychology, Cecelia is pursuing a BS in Counseling from ASU. Being a vegetarian for 13 years, Cecelia is an advocate of holistic health for the mind, body, and soul, as well as the benefits of a natural lifestyle; healing all sectors of the human body in relation to each other. She believes CBD holds the missing key for many people looking for an all natural, safe way to prevent disease & heal themselves.

Cynthia Welt

Office Manager
Ms. Welt brings over 30 years of diverse experience in multiple key fields, including technical, sales and administration roles. A graduate of NAU, Ms Welt obtained her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering and spent the first 15 years of her career as a Design Engineer and Engineering Manager at Motorola, Inc.

After having a family and shifting priorities to fit a part-time work schedule, the second half of Ms Welt’s professional career was modified to capitalize on utilization of her exceptional organizational and planning skills. Ms Welt brings 10 years experience in sales (real estate), and has been the Office Manager for ChainPro for the past 3 years. She has been key in streamlining the financial and operational health of this organization since joining the team in 2015.

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