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Ed Chaney

Ed Chaney

Mr. Chaney is a Wellness Entrepreneur with over a dozen successful startups under his command.  He is mission driven, focused on wellness, and has a burning desire to make an impact on people’s health. He also has a passion for leadership and the thick skin needed to weather the growth cycles inherent in business development—qualities he acquired over the past 30 years. His affinity for positive company culture, team building and leadership play a key role in his successful business-building endeavors.

Mr. Chaney studied Business at Arizona State University, Executive Leadership at MIT and spent over twenty years as an active member of Arizona’s elite Entrepreneur Organization (EO).

With his aspirations to lead and grow a global powerhouse, Mr. Chaney stays focused on his belief that it’s the team that matters most. “Un-stoppable” is his motto and “Purpose” is his driver.

Mr. Chaney spent his youth in Maryland as the son of a farmer, served six years in the U.S. Navy, and currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife, Kim, and their three children.

Kim Chaney

Kimberly Chaney

Store Manager & Sales Specialist
Kimberly brings a high level of analyses skills to the sales design/process, as a legal assistant for a high-profile criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, Arizona for 25 years. After watching her employer be diagnosed with Stage 4 Throat Cancer, go through Chemotherapy along with an extensive radiation program and then eventually his passing, she felt it was time for a more fulfilling career. Kimberly is at the forefront of the industry’s knowledge and leads the education directive within the Cannafyl™ Team. Her ability to consult with customers about CBD and its’ benefits make her a unique leader in the field.
Jen Bump

Jen Bump

Director of Brand Strategy
With nearly two decades in the uniquely 21st Century field of brand development and management, Jen’s passion for understanding how businesses connect with and present themselves to their customers began when she was a teen in the Midwest—back when “Social Media” was a radio call-in show and “Branding” was how farmers knew which cows belonged to them.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the intricacies of human interaction and the multiple levels on which we communicate,” she says.

Jen’s work on the branding of Cannafyl has been an important aspect of the business.

Stephanie Beebe

Chief Sales Officer
Stephanie has a vast background and experience ranging from sales, building teams, growing long lasting relationships, volunteering, running events and has an extraordinary knowledge of social media.  Stephanie has been personally trained by top individuals and has logged thousands of hours learning and developing herself and her team in the personal development and marketing industries.

Stephanie has grown multiple organizations and teams with 5 different companies over the last 30 years.  Her largest team includes over 29,000 customers and salespeople that she was partially personally responsible for training and growing.  Stephanie is a member of multiple organizations and boards. She is well known in her community and has long-standing relationships throughout the country.

Her favorite quote is “Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is not path and leave a trail.”   Author – Robert Frost

Iain Bratt

Chief Operating Officer
In February 2023 Mr Bratt joined Cannafyl as the Chief Operations Officer, to serve in all matters of administration, finance, and operations.  He brings 39 years of extensive financial, accounting and management experience to the Cannafyl family.  The past six years, Mr. Bratt was engaged as a freelance consultant, providing C-level expertise in the fields of operations and finance to direct sales and traditional businesses. Since August 2018, Mr. Bratt worked with Jim Lupkin and his company Social Point of View LLC, a software based social media platform built to grow independent contractors, small business, brands, and companies’ customer bases.

Mr. Bratt was educated in the United Kingdom.  He qualified with a London Accounting Association in 1989 which is the U.S. equivalent of a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting.  Mr. Bratt obtained the designation of Fellow AAT in 1998, which is the U.S. equivalent of 150 hours of professional advancement in advanced accounting, in addition to five years of professional experience.

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