Cannabidiol (CBD), Elevating The Human Condition

Written by Cecelia Losinger:

The question in today’s world is how can we elevate the Human Condition?  Well, Cannabidiol (CBD) might just be the answer.  Our mind is the essence of who we are, the human body is simply our vehicle that lets us traverse the environment. Not everyone is born with a perfect body or mind, because of this we are constantly trying to find new ways to innovate in the pharmaceutical industry. I propose that by doing this we are ushering in a new era of mental and physical problems that will, in theory, need more medication to cure.

​We deal in the manufacture and sale of CBD products in Scottsdale. CBD is short for Cannabidiol, the main ingredient in CBD oil. There are other ingredients that can be added to CBD oil to make it work better for different use cases. CBD oil is a relatively new product, but it has been used for thousands of years throughout evolution. There are many misconceptions about CBD and its uses regarding; psychoactivity, overdosing, side effects, and safety. All of these are very logical concerns, but everybody consumes CBD on a daily basis through certain foods, just not enough. CBD will not alter perception and the only side effect is drowsiness, but only if taken in excess.

Cannabis has only two genders, just like every other species on the planet. The Marijuana plant would be what people refer to as marijuana or more correctly, THC.  The Marijuana plant produces high amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) but low amounts of CBD (Cannabidiol) during flowering. The Marijuana plant is what people use to get high, but this is not the desired effect for our clients. The Hemp on the other hand is much different than the marijuana plant. The Hemp plant is made of tall stalks like bamboo and yields fibrous material that goes through a CO2 process to extract the CBD from the hemp material. The CO2 is completely removed by a filtration process, with no chance for volatility if done correctly. The Hemp Plant produces high amounts of CBD and low amounts of THC. THC is not legal in every state or even remotely federally legal, so the CBD extraction must be taken from a hemp plant. The small amount of THC in our product remains legal because of a Supreme Court ruling that states that everything created from the hemp plant can be sold without a medical license. Because of this process, you can distribute CBD oil to all 50 states with no fancy certifications. The THC concentrations in our products are so low that you will not feel the psychoactive effects, instead it is used to activate the CBD molecules to make them more effective.

Cannabidiol CBD brings the body to homeostasis by balancing out the immune system, brain function, and destroys malignant cells rather than acting on one specific problem and causing another. Adding ratios of different terpenes to the CBD base oil can change the medical properties however the client desires. Terpenes are a sort of essential oil that comes from different varieties of the male and female cannabis plant. Terpenes don’t have any THC or provide a “high” either, they are thought of as modifiers.  At Cannafyl, we specially formulated our Full Spectrum CBD with added terpenes for your special needs.  If it is pain you are suffering from we would suggest the Cannafyl Relief blend which was designed specifically for pain relief.

Pain relief can be found through terpenes like Myrcene, Linalool, and Caryophyllene. If you were experiencing inflammation, Humulene would be added for a stronger pain relief effect. We deal with many clients who have autistic children, for that I would recommend Limonene and Linalool because they are better at calming nerves in the brain. CBD calms the mind by, “dampening the excessive electrical and chemical activity in the brain that causes seizures,” as stated by Zita Toth in “Altering Rules On Cannabidiol Therapies.” In “Will Eating CBD Gummies Treat My Anxiety?” Katie Heaney states, “CBD may be able to treat anxiety – which it’s said to do by elevating andomide, a chemical thought to be anxiolytic (anxiety reducing) in the brain.”

It is widely agreed that CBD should be backed and tested by the FDA, but it is not. Generally, people need 10-100mg of CBD per dose depending on their issue, severity, and weight. From there, terpene mixes can be blended on a per customer basis, getting to know the client and acting on their feedback sets us apart from doctors. We cannot prescribe medication, nor would we want to, we specialize in homeopathic solutions for the individual. Everyday I help people get off their pain medication because it hurts to see people being stripped of their emotions, even personalities because of something a “doctor” told you to take. CBD can do amazing things when used preventatively or proactively.

Helping someone get off opiates by use of CBD, or helping someone conquer their anxiety is our primary focus because we can fine tune our mixtures for different uses, so one day we can change how we think about medical solutions and deal with ailments for good.

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