CBD and Pets

CBD for Pets

CBD is a tremendously popular consumer wellness product. This can be seen in the marketing of CBD-infused beverages, foods, topical products and more. The emergence of CBD is likely influenced by the widespread legislative changes allowing for marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes. CBD has recently been shown to be beneficial to pets—particularly in the form of oil for dogs. The pet industry is now a massive U.S. market with consumer spending exceeding $70 billion.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Cannabidiol is a product derived from hemp, which is a strain of the Cannabis plant. There are more than 80 different cannabinoids in marijuana plants including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical that creates a “high.” CBD isolate takes the form of an odorless and tasteless white powder that can be easily mixed and dissolved.

Liquid Form

CBD generally contains no more than trace amounts of THC. Cannabis oil is a liquid derived from the plant and there are multiple means of extraction. After the glands are detached from the plant, the cannabinoid can be formulated.

CBD Distillate

CBD distillate is a gummy liquid form of the product. It generally has small quantities of other cannabinoids that have also been shown to promote healing. These formulations often include terpenes that have properties beneficial for the treatment of anxiety, inflammation, and other conditions. Each strain of the plant generally has a unique blend of terpenes.

How is CBD Administered?

One popular way of administering CBD is placing it underneath the tongue for quick absorption. This sublingual method occurs when the product dissolves and passes through the tissue into the bloodstream. Generally, the dose is absorbed in under a minute.

CBD oil can be applied directly to areas that are inflamed or painful. This can also be done by mixing the product with skin lotion or salve.

For dogs, oral administration is more effective than applying treatments topically. This is easily accomplished by placing a few drops in the dog’s food or treats.

Possible Side Effects

As with most treatments, some individuals may experience side effects based on how a product interacts with their system. Some of the potential side effects include the following:

  • Dry mouth: Some dogs have demonstrated increased thirst suggesting that their saliva production decreases.
  • Reduce blood pressure: A drop in blood pressure has occurred in higher doses.
  • Drowsiness: CBD has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety; however, this may be accompanied by drowsiness.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Involvement

The FDA has approved one CBD product for use in humans. The product branded as Epidiolex is used for the treatment of epilepsy. Lindsay Haake, an FDA spokesperson, explained that there are currently no restrictions regarding usage in animals. The FDA regulates drugs intended for animals as well as humans.

Shopping for CBD Products for Pets

Consumers are encouraged to use a common-sense approach when shopping for CBD oil. Only consider purchasing products that are offered by reputable companies. The product should be tested for safety, such as for the presence of excessive amounts of heavy metals. A recent Consumer Reports article emphasized purchasing products that are properly labeled with ingredients.

It is also critical that each product has a recommended dosage. The instructions should explain the proper amount to use based on the weight of the dog. The frequency that a dose should be provided and whether there are any known product interactions should also be listed.

Treating Other Potential Conditions

Many pet owners have found the use of CBD oils and treats extremely effective for relieving various conditions in their dogs. Cannabinoids are believed to engage the many different receptors that are associated with feelings such as pain and anxiety. Recently, there has been an increase in feedback from professionals in traditional veterinary medicine that agrees with these findings.

Similar to medical marijuana, many CBD users have experienced excellent results in the stimulation of appetite and reduction of nausea. These are common conditions that cancer patients experience.

Cannafyl™ Pet Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Based in Arizona, Cannafyl is a leading manufacturer of CBD products for human and pet use. The Pet Full Spectrum CBD Oil has shown to help with anxiety, epilepsy, and seizures. Our product can reduce inflammation and pain and also assist with digestion.

Administering the oil is quick and easy using the dropper to add it to food or treats. The product has been extensively tested for both efficacy and safety. We encourage you to visit our site today for more information or call 480-599-1003 to place an order.

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