How CBD Can Help Your Dog

CBD Can Help Your Dog

Did you know that dogs over 10, or even purebreds, are at a higher risk of developing cancer? While dogs always give us unconditional love, us humans provide as much as we can for our furry best friends. When your dog is in pain, distressed with separation anxiety, or has recently been diagnosed with cancer, it can take a toll on your family’s hearts and minds. There are many benefits of CBD for dogs, and you’re in the right place to figure that out.

Many owners believe in providing the highest quality treatment options available for their pets; including the best vets, the most nutritious kibble, and the gentlest products for their sensitive little bodies. Natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals have caught the eyes of many owners who have been looking for a long term way to improve their quality of life.

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of over 100 naturally occurring cannabinoids found in Hemp and Cannabis plants that has been helping humans and pets stay balanced without nasty side effects. CBD will not impair its users and has been used for thousands of years as a natural wellness aid. Infused CBD treats and tincture oils have been replacing pain medications in America’s pet medicine cabinet!

How does CBD interact with Dogs?

Just like humans, dogs also have an Endocannabinoid System that helps regulate the body through receptors in the body. These receptors, called CB1 & CB2, are located throughout the Central & Peripheral Nervous Systems. They interact with CBD similarly to a key in a car ignition; turning on and off the car when needed.

The ECS system is apparent in all mammals, and helps regulate the body’s homeostasis processes such as body temperature, blood pressure, inflammatory relief, etc. It’s important to note that dogs, unlike felines and humans, dogs have far more receptors throughout their bodies making them extremely sensitive to the CBD molecule, or any cannabinoids for that matter.

When experiencing the dose of CBD, dogs will either feel very relaxed, most likely will nap, or they will run around and act like puppies again from feeling so great! We have had many pet owners rave over our Cannafyl Pet full-spectrum CBD Tincture Oil, and say that this helps their best friends with pain, inflammation, cancer, and even anxiety!

What are the health benefits of CBD for Dogs?

Since CBD helps regulate your pups body, it also helps benefit their general health and wellness. Cannabidiol is actually an antioxidant, which helps prevent and kill off cancer and tumor cells. This may greatly benefit dogs that are experiencing any sort of cancer treatment by helping with pain relief, effects of radiation therapy, or helping control tumor growths.

This powerful cannabinoid also helps soothe stress and anxiety; perfect for chillin’ your pup out when you leave the house. One of the most common stressors with new puppies is separation anxiety when their beloved owners leave them alone. CBD helps calm them down, leaving them comfortable in their own space alone. Even the shakiest & most anxious of Chihuahuas feel calm and relaxed when they get their daily dose in!

Owners also love that CBD helps in relieving pain in their four legged friends by soothing inflammation. Whether it be hip dysplasia, injury, or just sore muscles from a rough day in the yard, your pup will love life again when they are pain free!

Another benefit to using CBD oils are the impact on their skin and coat health. Since MCT oil and Hemp oils contain omega fatty acids, many owners can tell a difference in the thickness and shine of their dogs fur coat.

Can CBD help with Cancer in Dogs?

CBD has yet to have scientific research declaring these statements as absolutely true and backed up. Although, even with limited research many veterinary oncologists are in a “grey area” when it comes to recommending CBD for their patients to help treat cancer. We suggest looking into integrative or holistic veterinarians if you are interested in treating your pet naturally alongside medical protocols.

As stated by Dr. Dressler, DVM., “Marijuana is illegal at the federal level so I cannot discuss it with you. Not unless I want to lose the ability to prescribe drugs. Yes: by discussing marijuana products with you, I am risking losing the ability to treat animals in my practice with all OTHER drugs. That would basically put me out of business as a clinician.”

Cancer treatment dogs usually get recommended CBD when owners are seeking pain relief. Usually vets really really do recommend CBD, but it’s the legalities that limit them from speaking out. It’s the vet techs that tend to slip the message onto their clients.

When it comes to cancer spreading within the body, CBD may help treat or prevent many types of cancer such as:

  • Lymphoma: Cancer in the lymph nodes
  • Osteosarcoma: Cancer in the bones
  • Melanoma: Cancer in the skin that spreads aggressively
  • Hemangiosarcoma: cancer in blood vessels
  • Mammary Gland Carcinoma: Cancer in mammary glands

Are there negative side effects of CBD that can affect my dog?

Dogs are extremely sensitive to cannabinoids and need much less of a dose than humans or cats do. If too much CBD, or THC, is in your CBD product or oil, then your dog could have adverse effects including dry mouth, nausea, and even vomiting.

The average dosing has been decided upon 1mg of CBD per 10lbs of dogs body weight. As long as the dose is kept in that range, most dogs do not have any negative side effects to this naturally occurring molecule. We suggest starting low, and going slow. Pay attention to how your dog reacts to the first doses, and seek professional help if any adverse effects occur.

What CBD products should I use to help my dog?

You know your dog best. When it comes to deciding on a CBD pet product to use, go by your dogs preferences. There are a couple situations that may help you decide on the best product for your pup:

  • Do they tend to refuse treats when their ailment flares up?
    – Try an oil directly into the corner of their mouth.
  • Does your dog eat just about anything, anytime, always?
    – Try giving them a CBD-infused treat. This way they get a yummy snack and also get their dose of CBD without knowing! Most treats tend to be hard chew cookies.
  • Does your dog have little to no teeth, or is a bit pickier?
    – Try a soft chew; these treats give off a rich, irresistible meaty flavor and are soft on the gums.
  • Is your dog itchy or have hot spots?
    – Sometimes a CBD infused pet topical is perfect for applying to these icky areas.

Dogs are man’s best friend; most of us are willing to give them the world for a couple years of unconditional love. Their health is a major priority in their life; impacting the products and services we provide them with. CBD oil has been a popular alternative medicine for those looking to treat their dogs ailments without any side effects of pharmaceuticals.

The next time you are out shopping for your four legged friend, consider picking up some CBD oil to help their general well-being. CBD is a great daily regimen for those wanting to maintain optimal health in their pets.

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