How to Store Your CBD?

How to Store Your CBD

Written by Kandi Neal

You’ve done the research and selected some awesome CBD products that you can’t wait to try. However, since high-quality CBD is an investment, you’ll want to make sure that you do everything in your power to give it a longer shelf life in order to maximize the money spent. Read on for the do’s and don’ts on how to store CBD products.

How long can you store CBD oil?

The good news is that when it’s stored correctly, it can stay fresh and not lose its efficacy anywhere from 12-24 months. Keep in mind though that the total lifespan will vary depending on the ingredients and manufacturing process. However, proper storage is the best thing you can do to keep it safe. That can make all the difference between your CBD lasting six months or two years.

Are you supposed to refrigerate CBD Oil?

Putting your bottle of CBD oil in the fridge can certainly help to prolong its shelf life, due to it being a cool, dark place. However, be sure to exercise caution with this storage method, as the cold temperatures may cause thickening of the oil, making it challenging to use. If this happens, a quick fix is to run the bottle under hot water, and you should be good to go.

Can you freeze CBD oil?

Many people utilize the freezer for long-term storage and CBD is no exception. Just like the refrigerator though, the cold temps can increase the potential for the oil to thicken, possibly making the oil get cloudy. Again, this is oftentimes remedied by warming up the bottle with warm water. Even though the cloudiness might make it look subpar, it shouldn’t take away from the longevity or quality of the product.

Is it OK to store CBD Oil at room temperature?

Although both the freezer and refrigerator provide an environment that is free from air, moisture, light, and heat, you do not have to keep your CBD cold. It can be stored with other common household oils, like coconut oil and olive oil. However, you should exercise caution when storing it at room temperature. Generally, CBD Oil should be housed somewhere with a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Exposing the product to higher temperatures will start to impair the terpenes and cannabinoids inside the bottle. Although refrigerators or freezers work well for storage, a dark pantry is a good alternative, as well as in a closet or drawer, provided that the temps don’t climb above that 70-degree mark. Just make sure to avoid any areas that are exposed to direct sunlight, including windowsills, high shelves, and countertops in sunny spots. In addition, it is also equally important to steer clear of any areas where other heat sources may be present. Keeping the products a safe distance from your oven, heating vents, and definitely out of a hot car will help the product to last through its expiration date.

Try to Minimize Air Exposure When Storing CBD Oil

Now you’re square on where to store it but reducing the product’s exposure to air is another thing you’ll want to be mindful of. Even though CBD oils are housed in airtight bottles, a small amount of air exposure is unavoidable as you use it. As the air gets inside, it will cause the product to degrade over time, due to oxidation. Think of it along the lines of food eventually spoiling after sitting too long in the refrigerator. The objective is to slow down the degradation process. You can achieve this by keeping it in its original packaging, and if you need to transfer the product, choose a sustainable, non-porous container. Additionally, be sure to keep an airtight seal on the bottle when it’s not in use.

How to Know if CBD has Expired

As concentrates begin to degrade and start to lose potency, you may notice a few different warning signs. When CBD oil expires, the carrier oil will take on a putrid taste and the cannabinoids will no longer provide the desired benefits. The most common carrier oil utilized in CBD is hemp seed oil, and you’ll want to make sure it stays fresh. Additionally, you may begin to notice a shift in the smell, as the aroma may start to become pungent. Next, is a change in color. Beyond being cloudy, the formula can start to darken. Lastly, you may notice a difference in the effects. If you start to feel like you need more of it, or it’s just not working it all, it might be time to toss it out.

Although the use of CBD is not to prevent any disease, many folks find it to be a useful product for day-to-day life for various reasons. Because it can be pricey, you will want to take care of it properly so that it can last as long as possible. The CBD experts at Cannafyl are here for you to suggest quality items while getting the most bang for your buck. With just a little planning and knowledge, long-term storage is simple and will definitely pay off!

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