Cannafyl™ CBD Set of 3 Bath Bombs – THC Free

These amazing Bath Bombs are formulated with only the best ingredients. This includes over 100mg of our high-quality natural hemp extract in each Bath Bomb to give you the maximum amount of CBD benefits, along with essential oils from plants to encourage the ultimate in relaxation and soothing relief.  We opted out of using colorings or dyes from our formula to focus on giving you the ultimate in CBD relief and take you beyond relaxation.

Upgrade your experience by adding a Cannafyl CBD Soap!

Our CBD Bath Bombs are sold in sets as follows:

Buy set of 3

Buy set of 3 + CBD Soap

Buy 1 Bath Bomb + CBD Soap

All sets are 15% for great savings.


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Product Description: 

Use them often for an extremely emollient bath or spa experience that is equally therapeutic. This Bath Bomb Gift Box will take you beyond relaxation to a place of CBD wellness.

What makes CANNAFYL CBD Bath Bomb Gift Box so amazing?

Each Bath Bomb contains 100 milligrams of pure CBD Isolate. These therapeutic bath bombs can be used together or separately to create your own at-home spa experience.  CANNAFYL™ uses functional minerals and aroma therapeutics to ease tension while also moisturizing and softening the skin.  This is a great gift or a special treat just for you.

Use them individually or pair them together for extra relief.  These CBD Bath Bombs also work great for a Spa Bomb Pedicure session that is amazing!

Premium Quality and a Healthy Dose of CBD

CANNAFYL™ Relax Bath Bomb 100mg – Baking Soda, Epson Salt, Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Witch Hazel, Lavender Flowers & Lavender Essential Oils, pure CBD Isolate.

Our products are always 3rd party tested and contain our quality Hemp-derived CBD Isolate along with responsibly sourced additions to make the best-of-the-best when it comes to CBD Wellness.

We like to be fully transparent about our products. So, if you want to check exactly what cannabinoids, essential oils and therapeutic ingredients our products contain, simply view our lab reports here: Test Results

How to Use CANNAFYL’S CBD Bath Bombs

Our CBD Bath Bombs are easy to use, giving you a unique and extremely enjoyable experience.

A single Bath Bomb should be placed into warm bathwater. This releases all of the wonderful cannabinoids, essential oils, and therapeutic ingredients that these gems have to offer.

Soaking in this water encourages a calm, relaxing, and soothing experience for all.

You can find more information about CBD in our FAQ section.

All CANNAFYL™ products contain the highest quality sourced organic natural Hemp, which is CO2 extracted, clinically tested for solvents, pesticides, mold, moisture and cannabinoids, CBD potency.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Cannafyl CBD Bath Bomb

CBD Lavender Bath Bomb x3, 1 CBD Lavender Bath Bomb + CBD Soap, CBD Bath Bomb x3 + Cannafyl CBD Soap


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CANNAFYL™ 100mg Bath Bomb