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Tips and Tools for Successful CANNAFYL™ Affiliates

When it comes to CBD, we have a ton of information that can help you succeed. At CANNAFYL™ CBD education is our ``thing``. Check out these Tips and Tools that we've put together just for you!

Frequently Asked Questions: Exclusively for CANNAFYL™ Affiliates

Welcome to the CANNAFYL™ Affiliate Program

To help you get started, we encourage you to review the TOS which has been provided to you in your initial email. This has valuable information.
If you are new to CBD and want more information about that, we suggest using the links above.
Our site is filled with informative articles on CBD and its benefits. Take advantage of all that valuable information and get educated about this amazing product.
We are also including some questions that might come up and may not appear on the TOS:

How can someone who has already become a user, now become an Affiliate?

A registered user can become an Affiliate simply by logging into their account. There will be a page with blocks (see photo). Click on the Affiliate Block, the next page invites you to “become an Affiliate”. It’s that simple.

Reports: As an Affiliate, what types of data can I access?

You can access a list of your referrals. It will note the visits and conversions for each referral. You can also see the commissions you have received, any payments owed, and any payments you have received.

Residual commissions: How long will clients subscribe to services?

The CANNAFYL Affiliate program offers commissions on any referrals that convert from registered users who use your access link to enter the site initially. It is recommended to encourage your referrals to utilize the bundles and the subscription service available.

How do I know what products to recommend?

We’ve included a Recommendations Chart (see below) that shows what products are recommended in certain conditions. It is not a hard and fast rule, but it gives some suggestions that can help start the conversation.

Collateral: What will you give me to help me sell?

CANNAFYL provides several professionally created banners that can be placed on your website or social media. Those can be accessed from your account dashboard.



This is a general guide. CBD benefits can be different for each person based on their weight, age, metabolism, etc., so we suggest learning and gathering as much information as possible. Our site has many informative resources to help you.

Affiliate Training Link HERE!  This will redirect you to resources created just for Affiliates.

Pain Recommendations
Sleep Recommendations
Stress Recommendations