CBD Dosing: How Much Should I Take?

The CBD Ed Show

In this episode we will discuss what you need to know to get the most from your new CBD products. Expect to hear about gauging your dose for specific conditions to general health, and how each formulation of CBD effects dosing tolerance and effects on the user.

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2 thoughts on “CBD Dosing: How Much Should I Take?

  1. Can you recommend a CBD supplement for cats in renal distress? Jaspurr is on a supplement to increase his water intake. Thanks! T

    1. cannafyl.admin says:

      Hey there! Thanks for reaching out. We would recommend trying our Cannafyl Pet Tincture oil! If you are in Phoenix, please feel free to stop by our store where we also have a cat soft chew available! The oil tends to be the most popular due to being able to dose your cat via mouth, food, and treats; where the soft chew is a nice meaty snack, but they do have to consume the whole chew. You know your kitty best! 🙂

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