Surviving Chemo with CBD

The CBD Ed Show

There’s lots of buzz around CBD being used to manage some of the issues that come with a chemotherapy treatment.

We’ll look into the research that’s being done with CBD, review some recent cases and even provide some helpful resources if you or a loved one is going through chemotherapy.

Special Guest: Becky Olsen from Breast Friends Podcast

Becky Olson

Becky Olson is a five time breast cancer survivor. She is the author of “The Hat that Saved My Life,” and has been working as a motivational/inspirational speaker since 2003. Becky is the co-founder of Breast Friends and is the co-host of this program. Becky is from Portland, Oregon, has been married to Bill Olson for over 38 years, has five children and four grandchildren and we can’t forget her singing dog, Swayze.

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