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Cannafyl™ Relax Full Spectrum CBD 500mg & 1000mg Lavender

Product Description:   Cannafyl™ Relax has a hint of Lavender flavor and comes in 500mg & 1000mgWhat it does:    Alleviates anxiety, stress and prepares you for a good night sleep.Ingredients:    Pure Hemp Distillate, MCT Oil, Natural Terpenes and Natural Flavors.How to Use it:   Administer drops sublingually (under the tongue), hold for 60 seconds and swallow.Test Results / Quality Certifications: Cannafyl™ 500mg Tincture  Cannafyl™ 1000mg Tincture

Cannafyl™ Relief Salve Full Spectrum CBD 500mg & 1000mg

Product Description: Cannafyl™ CBD Relief Salve – 500mg & 1000mg is a revolutionary full-spectrum CBD distillate topical salve formulated to provide intense relief to arthritis, inflammation, pain, neuropathy, and much more! Whether it be on-the-go relief from everyday aches and pains, or recovery from injury – Cannafyl™ Relief provides the care to help you live life enthusiastically!Usage: Apply generously to affected area with pain, aches, or soreness. Massage product in for best results. Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Hemp-Derived CBD Distillate, Copaiba Essential Oil (Copaifera officinalis)*Contains less than .3% THCCannafyl Distillate Test Results