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Cannafyl™ Balance – Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Focus – Peppermint

Clear your mind with CANNAFYL™  Balance. Our Full Spectrum CBD oil for focus & balance is beyond the industry standard with an added blend of three natural terpenes and Peppermint essential oil. This CBD oil comes in 500mg and 1000mg.



Enjoy the benefits of a CBD enhanced drink additive that tastes great and is easy to use.  Through nano-emulsification and concentrated flavor recipes we now offer an easy and fun way to raise your vibration and enhance any drink with just a dropper of VIBE.

Great with your favorite water, juice or evening mocktail!

Comes in THREE flavors Orange, Strawberry & Raspberry to INSPIRE your creative side without the sugars and chemicals to RUIN your VIBE.

300mg - 30ml bottle  

For your life CBD Gummies – Broad Spectrum THC-Free CBD

Get your daily CBD the delicious way with CBD gummies! A mouth-watering blend of CBD, terpenes and natural flavors makes it easy and fun to take For your life CBD Gummies infused with Certified Broad Spectrum hemp extract in a precisely measured amount in each gummy, so you know exactly how much you’re getting.  Great for snacking, sharing with friends, or finishing off a meal, CBD gummies are among the most popular and versatile CBD edibles you’ll find anywhere! Daytime Use: You will experience great focus along with uplifting, mood-enhancing effects from added natural plant terpenes. Nighttime Use: You will experience relaxing, calming effects from added natural plant terpenes.  Grape flavored
  • Infused with our private blend of cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Gluten-Free
  • Made with Organic Sugar, MCT Coconut oil, Pectin and natural flavoring
Each jar contains 25 gummies, 25mg each

Cannafyl™ CBD Wellness Box


CANNAFYL™ CBD Wellness Box (CBD Sampler)

Introducing the CBD Wellness Box! This is a beautiful, custom gift box filled with a sampling of three CBD oil drops. These tinctures are specifically formulated for great results. What better way to show those on your gift list that you care about their health?  This gift box will help them enjoy the natural benefits of the hemp plant. Product ingredients: CANNAFYL™ Balance 500mg – 100% Natural Full Spectrum CBD Oil with added Terpenes and flavored with a hint of Peppermint essential oils. 17mg per dropper. Cannafyl™ Relief 500mg – 100% Natural Full Spectrum CBD Oil with added Terpenes and flavored with a hint of Orange essential oils.  17mg per dropper. Cannafyl™ Relax 500mg – 100% Natural Full Spectrum CBD Oil with added Terpenes and flavored with a hint of  Lavender essential oils.  17mg per dropper.

Cannafyl™ CBD Set of 3 Bath Bombs – THC Free

These amazing Bath Bombs are formulated with only the best ingredients. This includes over 100mg of our high-quality natural hemp extract in each Bath Bomb to give you the maximum amount of CBD benefits and CBD wellness, along with essential oils from plants to encourage the ultimate in relaxation and soothing relief; something many of us are searching for in our busy lives. Our CBD Bath Bombs are sold in a set of three and are packed in a lovely gift box. This Bath Bomb Gift Box comes with three relaxing Lavender Bath Bombs, designed with the expertise of chemists and biologists.  We opted out of using colorings or dyes from our formula to focus on giving you the ultimate in CBD relief and take you beyond relaxation. Get your Bomb on and start enjoying the benefits of CBD Wellness! Box contains 3 - 100mg Lavender THC-Free Bath Bombs