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Cannafyl CBD Soap



At the end of a stressful day, the best remedy can be a hot calming shower with our CANNAFYL CBD soap. When life is too crazy and you need a stress reducer, enjoy the healing impacts of our CBD soap, infused with essentials oils designed to prepare your body for rest. Both your body and mind will thank you.

Using the magical combination of Full Spectrum CBD and essential oils, this 100% natural soap will address problem skin issues like dry, inflamed skin. With a restful Lavender scent, you will love how your body feels after using our CBD Soap.

200mg per bar 4oz bar

Cannafyl™ Relief – Full Spectrum CBD – Fruit Flavor



Ease into your day with CANNAFYL™ Relief. This Full Spectrum CBD Relief oil is beyond the industry standard with an added blend of three natural terpenes and Orange Essential Oil.  This CBD oil comes in 500mg, 1000mg. Relief blend also comes in two high potency options: 1500mg and 2500mg.

Relief – For Your Life CBD Drops – Broad Spectrum THC-Free CBD

For your life CBD was created to help maximize optimal wellness.  We combine our Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract, drawn from non-GMO hemp grown right here in the USA and carefully formulated and tested to include only the best cannabinoids, plant terpenes and essential oils to create a unique and effective line of products that are sure to give you that CBD feeling.  Find out why For your life CBD customers choose Relief CBD Drops as their go-to CBD for pain management.  Comes in 500mg & 1000mg Orange Flavor. Easy to use: Measure by using our easy to read, marked dropper either in your morning coffee, shake or tea or you can put it directly under your tongue, and by holding the CBD oil under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing, you can start to feel the relaxing benefits faster than you would by consuming a CBD edible or capsule. And with all the great flavors, CBD tinctures can add more kick to a whole variety of foods and drinks! These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Cannafyl™ Relief Salve – Full Spectrum Best CBD Salve


Relief Salve from Cannafyl™

Cannafyl™ Full Spectrum Relief CBD Salve is a revolutionary CBD topical.  This salve is a rich and emollient reliever. Added ingredients provide a pleasant, subtle scent that soothes muscles and skin.  Comes in 500mg and 1000mg strengths in 2 oz. jars. With Cannafyl™ Relief CBD Salve, you can trust that you’re choosing something your body will thank you for. Suggested Use: Massage thoroughly into the affected area for full effect.  The heat of massage helps achieve complete absorption of the salve's beneficial ingredients. Use as much or as little as you need and as often as you prefer.

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Cannafyl™ 500mg Salve Cannafyl™ 1000mg Salve

Relief CBD Gel Roll-on


Relief Gel Roll-on from Cannafyl™

CANNAFYL™ Full Spectrum Relief CBD Gel Roll-on is a revolutionary CBD topical packed with 1500mg of premium, full-spectrum CBD.  This gel is a light, cooling and easy-to-apply addition to our line-up. Added ingredients provide a pleasant burst of cooling relief that reaches into the muscles and skin.  2 oz. bottle With CANNAFYL™ Relief CBD Gel Roll-on, you can trust that you’re choosing something your body will thank you for. This amazing roll-on gel has a powerful 1500mg of CBD. It's works quickly and is not messy, as it absorbs fully into the skin. It's perfect for before or after a work-out or on those hard-to-get-out-of-bed days. If you are a seasoned CBD topical user or a novice looking for relief, this roll-on gel is a great choice. Suggested Use: Shake well. Apply generously to affected area for full effect.  Use as much or as little as you need and as often as you prefer. Do not apply to broken skin or open wounds.  

For your life CBD Gummies – Broad Spectrum THC-Free CBD

Get your daily CBD the delicious way with CBD gummies! A mouth-watering blend of CBD, terpenes and natural flavors makes it easy and fun to take For your life CBD Gummies infused with Certified Broad Spectrum hemp extract in a precisely measured amount in each gummy, so you know exactly how much you’re getting.  Great for snacking, sharing with friends, or finishing off a meal, CBD gummies are among the most popular and versatile CBD edibles you’ll find anywhere! Daytime Use: You will experience great focus along with uplifting, mood-enhancing effects from added natural plant terpenes. Nighttime Use: You will experience relaxing, calming effects from added natural plant terpenes.  Grape flavored
  • Infused with our private blend of cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Gluten-Free
  • Made with Organic Sugar, MCT Coconut oil, Pectin and natural flavoring
Each jar contains 25 gummies, 25mg each

Cannafyl’s CBD Extreme Relief Bundle


CANNAFYL™ Full Spectrum Extreme Relief Bundle

What a great combination!  For one low price, you get the CANNAFYL™ Relief CBD tincture oil and the CANNAFYL™ CBD Relief Salve or CANNAFYL'S CBD Relief Gel Roll-on. The CBD Extreme Relief bundle has the "one-two punch" you've been looking for. Plus, it's easy to use. Just pick your strength and get started. Two really IS better than one! CANNAFYL™ Relief Full Spectrum CBD Oil CANNAFYL™ CBD oils (500mg & 1000mg).  Our CBD Oil is beyond the industry standard with an added blend of three natural Terpenes along with Essential Oils. CANNAFYL™ Full Spectrum Relief Salve CANNAFYL™ CBD Relief Salve (500mg & 1000mg) is a revolutionary Full-Spectrum CBD sports cream for excellent muscle recovery. CANNAFYL Full Spectrum Relief Gel Roll-On CANNAFYL Full Spectrum Relief Gel Roll-On (1500mg) is a special mixture of CBD and Menthol for quick relief from pain.  

Cannafyl Power Relief Bundle

It’s time to weave CBD into your daily routine! To help manage everyday discomfort,  recover from exercise-induced inflammation, and more. Ease away discomfort with our Shea Butter CBD Relief Salve infused with 1000 milligrams of CBD.  It's nurturing to your skin, provides lasting relief, and is incredibly effective.  Whether it's for your active lifestyle or just making your day more comfortable, you'll get back to feeling your best. Our Relief CBD Gel Roll-on has a powerful 1500 milligrams of CBD.  It is easy to apply, works quickly and is extremely effective before or after a workout to help you recovery from exercise-induced inflammation.  This roll-on also travels anywhere really well, throw it in your gym, throw it in your purse, or take it with you when you travel with no mess worries.

Cannafyl™ CBD Set of 3 Bath Bombs – THC Free

These amazing Bath Bombs are formulated with only the best ingredients. This includes over 100mg of our high-quality natural hemp extract in each Bath Bomb to give you the maximum amount of CBD benefits and CBD wellness, along with essential oils from plants to encourage the ultimate in relaxation and soothing relief; something many of us are searching for in our busy lives. Our CBD Bath Bombs are sold in a set of three and are packed in a lovely gift box. This Bath Bomb Gift Box comes with three relaxing Lavender Bath Bombs, designed with the expertise of chemists and biologists.  We opted out of using colorings or dyes from our formula to focus on giving you the ultimate in CBD relief and take you beyond relaxation. Get your Bomb on and start enjoying the benefits of CBD Wellness! Box contains 3 - 100mg Lavender THC-Free Bath Bombs