Third Party Laboratory Quality Certifications

Every batch of CBD oil we formulate has been tested for quality, quantity and purity.  Here are the most recent results.

Cannafyl™ 500mg Tincture

Cannafyl™ 500mg Relief

Cannafyl™ 1000mg Relief

Cannafyl™ 1500mg Relief

Cannafyl™ 2500mg Relief

Cannafyl™ 500mg Balance

Cannafyl™ 1000mg Balance

Cannafyl™ 500mg Relax

Cannafyl™ 1000mg Relax

Cannafyl™ 1500mg Relax

Cannafyl™ 500mg Relief Salve

Cannafyl™ 1000mg Relief Salve

Cannafyl™ 100mg Bath Bomb

National Community Pharmacists Association