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CBD is everywhere and it’s here to stay. Many consumers have been enjoying the benefits of cannabinoid-based products. Most are likely to use CBD by ingesting tinctures or edibles, but using it topically can be just as beneficial.  Whether you’re looking for a balm, lotion, or cream you will find many ways to use a topical CBD.   Read below to learn more about all ways topicals can work for you.

Research has shown that many patients who utilize the cannabis plant in the form of tinctures or edibles will also use it topically. The uptick in topical CBD sales is a direct result of an increase in knowledge about the products. These hemp products include CBD and they all work a little bit different for each person. This is due to the individual’s unique ECS – Endocannabinoid System.

Because each human’s ECS is one-of-a-kind, no one product will work the exact same for everyone. Different variations of cannabinoids can work to bring balance to the ECS. It will work according to that person’s particular needs. Even though you may not have heard about it until now, the relatively recently discovered ECS is part of human anatomy. It is regarded that it plays a part in maintaining homeostasis. One of the most important findings about CBD has been reports of reduced inflammation. This can be very helpful for those who are affected by skin issues.

Why CBD Topicals?

Topicals come in different ratios of CBD to THC, including 1:1, 5:1, and 20:1. To break it down a bit more, if you are choosing a 1:1 item, you would receive equal amounts of CBD and THC. Again, since everyone is different when it comes to endocannabinoid deficiencies, it might take some trial and error to figure out which one will deliver the right health benefits for you. Then comes the fun part – selecting what kind of topical CBD you want to try for your skin health.

CBD topical formulations can come in the form of a roll-on which might be made with menthol or another oil that speeds up absorption. It might also come in a cream, lotion, balm or salve. These formulas might not contain menthol, so they rely on warmth to penetrate the skin.  A good massage into the skin is generally recommended for these types of formulas. They come in both full spectrum as well as just pure CBD. No matter the formula, there is likely a topical product that will produce the results you are looking for.


Shifting gears slightly, another popular place for CBD to pop up in relation to the skin is in the beauty industry. It has been commonplace to see hemp oil in lotions, bath bombs, and even in mascara for quite some time now, but CBD is also being used in face creams and lotions with amazing results.

There are also hemp seed oil products that contain both essential fatty acids – α-linoleic and linolenic acid. These omegas can assist with nourishing the skin and protecting the natural barrier, thus promoting an illuminating, youthful glow. You’ll also find this family of natural ingredients floating around in haircare.

The anti-inflammatory properties of both hemp and CBD oil can help to stimulate growth by shrinking the follicles. When coupled with the fatty acids, the result is a stronger head of hair.

Keep in mind that since most over-the-counter products, especially cosmetics, are not medically reviewed, you’ll want to purchase your goods from a reputable source. According to Healthline Media, many companies are capitalizing on the cannabis trend and making false claims without much research to back it, other than a social media influencer posting a picture. Make sure to do your homework and invest in products that are third party tested.

As always, you can trust that CANNAFYL Relief Salve is a great choice when it comes to a hemp-extracted, full-spectrum CBD topical.  As a trusted, award-winning brand, your health is our priority.  Visit our shop page to check out our options.

Sources: – Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System – Brands are Using Drug Culture to Sell Beauty – Here’s the Problem with that.

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