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Is CBD Right For Me?

Is CBD Right For Me?


This might be a question you’ve asked yourself. By now, we’ve all heard about CBD, right? Some of your friends are using it with great success. They rave about how well CBD products work and how there are virtually no negative side effects. You thought it was a good idea, but when you tried it, nothing happened! And now you’re asking yourself…”is CBD right for me?” You’re probably thinking that maybe CBD is just hype, but there are definitely some reasons that it could be just what you’ve been looking for. Don’t give up just yet.

Let’s talk about some reasons why CBD might not have worked the way you wanted or expected it to in the past.

1) Selecting the right product

With so many CBD brands out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If you are new to CBD or a CBD beginner, one of the most important things you can do is select a reputable CBD product that has been tested. Brands should have their test results readily available to you. CBD is unlike anything else on the market and because it is not regulated, you must complete the due diligence of searching out the best products. Reviews and recommendations are a great way to find the best brands. Ask some of your friends what they use. If it’s working for them, they will be happy to share that info.

2) Find the right dose

At CANNAFYL, we like to call your experience with CBD your “personal journey”. We say that because each person’s biology is different, and CBD works within your Endocannabinoid system. This is what makes CBD so amazing!

Finding the right dose can also be tricky, but with a little time and patience, you can figure out what works best for you. We recommend journaling your experience with CBD. Keeping track of your doses, the time you take them and how you feel over the course of the first couple of weeks is a great way to find your path. Plus – CANNAFYL has experts on hand to help you with that. Just call us at 480-599-1003 or email us –

3) You might need to try another delivery method

Something to consider when selecting a CBD product is the bioavailability, in other words – how the product gets into your bloodstream. You may try one of the many forms of CBD: oil drops/tinctures, vape oil, topicals, capsules or gummies, but if you aren’t seeing the results you had hoped for, you might need to switch it up. Gummies, for example just don’t have the same power that oil drops or vape oil has to get into your system fully and quickly. Your gummy must go through your digestive tract before that 10mg piece can be absorbed. A 30mg dose of oil drops will go a lot farther in a shorter amount of time and that might be the answer for you.

4) Try a little patience

This journey might take a little time and patience to work. If you are still thinking, “is CBD right for me?”, trying a reputable brand, like CANNAFYL, in a smaller size for a few weeks is a good idea. We have 15ml bottles that are exactly right for trying our products. Or the best idea is to try our Wellness Box. This great item has a full-sized bottle of each of the oil drop blends (Balance, Relief and Relax). It is the perfect way to start your CBD journey. At CANNAFYL, we take your health and comfort seriously. As a trusted, award-winning brand, your health is our priority. Visit our shop page to check out our options.


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