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How Much CBD Should I Take?

How Much CBD Should I Take?

Written by Kandi Neal:

If you are new to using CBD, you might feel overwhelmed with questions about what is your CBD Dosage.  It definitely can vary from person to person, but there are some useful tools out there to help you figure out how much CBD you should take, as well as understanding the dosage and variety of products.

Breaking down the components that determine your ideal dose of CBD can be challenging, but here are some tips to help you make the best selection. Know and understand all of the facts before you start using any products so that you can determine the dosage that is right for you. Once you do, you can start looking for the right form of CBD product.

Body weight and Composition

Although the research is fairly new, there is medical data showing that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is extremely prevalent in the fat cells of the human body. The ECS communicates with CBD to provide its effects, so if you are using edible products like gummies or food made with hemp oil, the size of your body plays a part in determining the best CBD dosage.

Desired effects from CBD

Everybody has different reasons for choosing CBD. Some use it from time to time in the form of a hemp lotion, while others may stir an oil tincture into their morning cup of coffee. In addition, there are people who use it daily for the calming effect it can provide. Regardless, if you have never tried any CBD product before, you will want to begin with a lower amount of CBD and work up to something stronger.

Delivery Method

CBD products come in many different forms, with the most popular including topicals (rubs & creams), CBD tinctures, gummies or capsules, and vape.

  • Topicals: When the oil that comes from hemp is combined with other ingredients, it creates a topical lotion that can keep skin moisturized and hydrated. Some evidence shows that selecting topicals rich with full spectrum CBD may aid in muscle and joint relief.
  • Tinctures: These are small dropper jars with concentrated CBD oil that can be placed under the tongue. That allows it to be absorbed into the body through the sublingual glands in the mouth. The mg of CBD will determine the serving size of the CBD dosage.
  • Edibles: These include drinks, gummies, and capsules. This method is typically the simplest way for calculating the proper dosage. Edibles are absorbed through the digestive system but usually take longer to take effect.
  • Vape Pen: The effects of vaping cannabidiol CBD come on more quickly than consuming it in other forms. Even though the sensations are roughly the same, an edible or tincture will take longer and will more than likely require a higher CBD content to deliver the same benefits.

CBD Dosage Chart

With the variety of ways to consume CBD, it can still be confusing to know where to begin. If you are brand new to CBD, the low and slow method for dosing is a great way to start to try to avoid any unwelcome side effects. The two parts of this formula are designed to ensure that beginners have a pleasant experience with CBD and don’t rush into it with high doses. “Low” is a reference to the dosage, while “slow” refers to the speed of consumption, meaning you should give yourself ample time before taking another dose.

The standard recommendations are based on the weight of the body.

There are plenty of CBD charts and calculators available on the web.   You will want to find a chart that has a column for your weight and your symptom level, i.e. mild, medium or severe.  If there is ever a question on how much you should take you can always call Cannafyl at 480-599-1003 Mon-Sun 10am – 5pm and we will help you find your dosage.

Applying Slow and Low Methodology

For topical products, begin with a small amount on your arm to see how the skin reacts. Consult the packaging for further instructions on how much to use for each session, and only increase the amount after you’ve given it some time to see how it affects you.

The same goes for tinctures; use the lowest possible concentration and only fill the dropper up halfway. Keep the oil under your tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. From there, you can slowly increase the amount that goes in the dropper until you achieve the desired effects.

When it comes to edibles, start with ingesting the minimum possible dose based on the packaging, which usually means one capsule or gummy. Wait the amount of time the manufacturer instructs before consuming additional doses, even if you think it’s not working yet.

Lastly, with vaping, the first thing you will want to do is check the potency of the CBD. This should be listed on the bottle in mg. Then, you will need the size of the bottle in mL. You can divide the total amount of mg by the amount of mL and that will give you the strength in mg per each mL. You’ll also want to know the liquid capacity of your vape. Most vape tanks hold anywhere from 0.5 mL to over 5 mL, depending on the style and size. Cartridges usually have total potency and capacity listed, which will take some of the guesswork out of it.

Enjoy your CBD journey

To learn more about the best CBD product for you, take a listen to our podcast on the subject. In the meantime, consider checking out Cannafyl Balance Full Spectrum CBD in Peppermint – the perfect day blend!

Unlike medical marijuana, CBD won’t give you the “high” effects; however, it will still be worth noting how it makes you feel. It might help to journal your experiences to log time of day, dosage amount, and any experience you had. This can help you figure out the right amount of CBD for you. In fact, you could use the information to make your own CBD dosage chart.

Always remember, this content is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, or to treat, cure, or prevent illness. Always seek the advice of your healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding your medical condition.


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